Meet @TeachingLilJohn, the Perceptive Detective

To continue my tradition of blogging about someone different on my staff each week, this week I wanted to introduce you to our Instructional Coach, Aaron Marvel.

I always find it funny how some people end up in your life.  I remember interviewing Aaron back in April and knowing immediately he was the kind of person I wanted at Navasota Intermediate. But I also know it took Aaron a little bit to decide if Navasota was right for him.  His background is impressive and he was actively being sought after by other districts as well.  But in the end he decided to come on board with us, and I couldn’t be happier.

Aaron is incredibly intelligent.  At the age of 27, he already has two masters, speaks English and Spanish fluently, and is pursuing his Doctorate.  He is a natural learner.

Aaron is a pensive person.  He thinks deeply about the words he chooses and the decisions he makes.  He identified his genius as the “perceptive detective” and I couldn’t agree more.

Aaron is the piece in our administrative puzzle that just makes everything work perfectly.

But at the same time, Aaron is so much more than that.  Aaron is unbelievably kind.  He cares deeply not only about reaching each and every child on our campus, but also about reaching the parents, and reaching the staff.  Aaron’s heart for others is incredibly admirable.

Aaron also works his tail off to make sure that he is helping teaching each and every way possible.  He’s researching constantly ways to better improve the way we do things.

Aaron also is one of the biggest team players I’ve seen.  Aaron knows where the slack is to be picked up and jumps right in there to do it.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard Aaron complain about anything.

But more than just a great worker, I also consider Aaron a great friend.  Aaron makes all of us in the office laugh and at the same time you know that you’re important and you mean something to Aaron.  I love how in just a few short months our staff has become like family and I truly feel like Aaron is a brother to me.  I learn from him every single day about faith, family, school, people, instruction, and so much more.

I’m constantly thankful that Aaron chose to join the team here at Navasota Intermediate and we are better by having him here.

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