Meet @Nassau2013, The Always Upbeat Advocate

I can’t believe I missed my weekly recognition post last week!  Ahh!

Well here goes for this one…

This week I wanted to introduce everyone to Geralyn Jackson.  Geralyn is our school counselor.

As you know from my previous posts, about 90% of the previous NIS staff did not return for this school year.  BUT, Geralyn was one of the ones that we held onto.  And I am so glad we did.

Geralyn is a constant source of encouragement and laughter.  But at the same time she has such a deep love and concern for our children.

She goes into classrooms and does character education lessons.  She has a constant stream of kids flowing through her office for counseling sessions.  And she makes countless calls home to check on things.  She also is part of our Admin team and serves before and after school duty, as well as lunch duty every day!

But what’s also awesome about Geralyn is that whenever we are shorthanded with anything, she’s always the first one to step up and ask what we need her to do.

Our office area, and this school, run more smooth because of the hard work and effort Geralyn puts into everything she does.

I am so thankful to have Geralyn as part of the Navasota Intermediate family, but just as important, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside and get to know her. She’s such an asset that we couldn’t do without and we are blessed by our Always Upbeat Advocate.

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