The 2014 EduBlog Awards

Every year the EduBlog Awards come along.  They recognize different aspects of the online community of education.  If you haven’t heard of them or seen some of the awesome things they recognize please go check them out!

I was a little shocked, but totally humbled to see “The Summer Learning Series (#SummerLS)” That I did this past summer was recognized for “Best Open PD/Web Conference/Webinar Series.

That was a labor of love of mine.  But I am so proud of that little learning series and how quickly it took off.  And I am so absolutely grateful for all the people who helped by submitting content.  They are the true source of learning that took place!

Amazing people like:
– Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler
– Teacher/Blogger Erin Klein
– Administrator Amber Teamann
– Teacher Chris Kesler
– Campus Technologist Stacey Huffine
– Teacher Arin Kress
– Speaker/Motivator/Educator Angela Maiers
– Administrator/Writer/Trainer Eric Sheninger
– Teacher/Author Dave Burgess
– Administrator Ben Gilpin
– Administrator Brad Gustafson
– Teacher Emily Swenson
– Teacher Michael Medvinsky
– Technologist Jessica Allen
– Librarian Jennifer LaGarde
– Teacher Pernille Ripp
– Administrator Daisy Dyer Duerr
– Education Advocate Tom Murray

Voting is open until December 15th and I would love to encourage you to vote (Deadline is Monday Dec 15)!!   It’s super easy…

Here is how you vote
Click on THIS link to go to the correct page.
Find the Summer Learning Series 2014 (the photo isn’t correct about our series, but they are supposed to be changing it)
Click on the thumbs up symbol

Then it will ask what platform you’d like to use to sign in.  Choose one.

Then the most important part, you’ll have to click the thumbs up AGAIN to actually vote!

Thanks guys!  And to celebrate this nomination, I’d like to formally announce that the Summer Learning Series is COMING BACK!!  It will start again in January and run all year (hopefully!!) So get ready for January 2015 when the Educator Learning Series launches!

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