Meet @BoswellAllison, The Officer of Optimism

In my effort to recognize the amazing members of my staff, I’ve dropped the ball the last few weeks….so now, it’s BACK!

And this week is a great one.  This week I’d like to introduce you to one of my rockstar 4th grade teacher, Allison Boswell.

Allie is one of those teachers who surprises me every single day.  She has an incredible sense of humor and a great wit.  Anytime I come in contact with Allie I leave laughing.

I love that as her genius she chose the title “The Officer of Optimism” too!

Another thing I really love about Allie is her creativity and heart for kids.  She cares so deeply about her students and it’s evident in everything that she does.

She recently adopted a bunny from a local shelter.  The bunny has “special needs”.  The bunny had it’s teeth taken out.  It’s been so amazing to watch her students bond with that bunny.  Dunkin is his name.  Dunkin jumps all around the room, the kids rotate through his station and teach him lessons, and the coolest part???  Dunkin has a BLOG and a TWITTER!!  How amazing is that?

Allie also is great with getting her kids to fall in love with reading and with learning.  We have seen tremendous growth with her students in such a short time.  She also has two students who have special needs or requirements.  Allie has bonded with those kids and made them feel so special that they have bloomed more than anyone expected.

A campus exists and thrives based on it’s teachers, and Allie is one of our best!  I’m so honored to work with someone who works tirelessly and creatively every day and someone who is here 100% for those kids!

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