If Only…What If

How often do we find ourselves saying the words, “if only”?

If only….I had more money
If only….I had more time
If only….they would behave
If only….I had more support
If only….I could be more like him/her
If only….I didn’t miss them so much
If only…..they would include me
If only…..they would ask me if I’m ok
If only…..I could go back
If only….I hadn’t said that

If only…..

I’m guilty of finding myself saying many of the things I’ve listed above (and more!).

But as I reflect I begin to wonder, why? Where do our “if onlys” even come from?

I think most of the time our “if only” thoughts are due to our own insecurity and self-doubt.

Because what if instead of “if only” we started saying “what if”?

What if…I try something new
What if….I reach out to them and don’t wait for them to reach out to me
What if….I focus on what’s in front of me instead of what I’ve lost
What if….I find happiness in things other than finances or trying to finish my to-do list
What if….I let go of the pain
What if….I apologize
What it….tomorrow I wake up and my only goal is to be better than I was today?

Tomorrow let’s try something new. Tomorrow replace just one of our “If only” thoughts with a hopeful “what if” thought.  Let’s just start with one.

Will you join me?

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