Grief is Like Glitter

There’s something funny about grief.

Just when you you least expect it, it creeps back in.

One of the American Idol finalists this year, Nicolina, released a single called “Glitter” and I think the words speak well to what grief can be like.

“See, grief, it’s just like glitter
It’s hard to brush away
Bright light and it still shimmers
Like it was yesterday
And it falls like confetti
All of the memories explode like a hand grenade
And it’s sweet and it’s bitter
Grief, it’s like glitter
Oh, what a mess it makes
What a mess it makes”

Today if you find yourself unexpectedly feeling grief, please know you aren’t alone.

Your emotions are valid and don’t let anyone tell you “it’s time to move on”. Because those people have no idea.

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