Ain’t About You

Some days are just rough. It takes everything in you not to just throw in the towel.

You feel like you aren’t doing enough. You’re not as good as someone else. What you do doesn’t measure up. That you’re always chasing your tail and it doesn’t feel like you’re moving forward.

Season 20 of American Idol featured runner up HunterGirl. A country singer with a big heart.

She just released her new single “Ain’t About You” and there were a few lyrics that really hit me this past week.  They were…

“Comparison can kill your faith
Watching pеople win when you’re just bеgging for a break
You’re happy for ’em, you cheer ’em on
But the whole time you’re overthinking
Wondering what you’re doing wrong
Are you crazy for believing in
Something everyone told you that you would never get?

But if you give up, if you give in
You should know that you’re not the only one who’s losing
What if there’s a little boy who needs a safe place to cry
When the whole world says to suck it up just ’cause he’s a guy
So before you say you’re not good enough
That all your dreams are wishing dust
You call it quits, walk away and say you’re through
What if it ain’t about you?”

I don’t know about you, but when I read that I get chills. It’s such a powerful reminder for each of us that we are here for a reason. There is a purpose in everything, even when all seems hopeless.

And sometimes the purpose of that doubt and pain is because one day we can use it to help someone else.

So today, I encourage you to hold on. You’re not alone. There is a purpose.

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