The Gift of Literacy

I think many of us can underestimate the power of literacy.

Some of you reading this right now may think, “exactly Todd, I’m not even a reader”. But I believe with every ounce of my being that there isn’t a such thing as an adult who is “not a reader”. I believe there are only adults who haven’t yet found the book that breaks their heart.

Once you find that book you quickly realize how powerful books can be.

But sometimes when our own experiences with literacy haven’t been great, we’re already starting at a disadvantage.

What if I don’t like to read?
Where do I even begin?
How do I get my own children excited about reading?
How do I get my students excited about reading?
How do I get the adults I work with excited about reading?
How do I get families excited about reading?
But what if I don’t teaching reading, does it matter?

Those questions, and more, are exactly why Travis and I wrote “Sparks in the Dark: Lessons, Ideas, and Strategies to Illuminate the Reading and Writing Lives in All of Us”.

Travis brings the secondary perspective and I bring the elementary one. We talk about reading in your own life, in classrooms, on campuses, and at home with families.

Literacy changes lives, and it doesn’t just change the life of the person who’s given the gift of literacy. It changes everyone they come in contact with.

Get your autographed copy of Sparks in The Dark here.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a new book, comic, graphic novel, magazine, or audio book today! I’ve even shared a few of my recent favorites with you below!

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