#PositivePostItDay at @NavasotaInt

A few weeks ago, my good friend Tony Sinanis, told me about something he did at his school called Positive Post It Day.  I instantly fell in love with the idea and we did it on my campus last week.

What is Positive Post It Day?

Tony was inspired by this video (and you can see his blog post HERE). Well we spent three days before it building up the anticipation and talking about it everywhere with kids.  When the time came, every individual on campus was challenged to write at least 4 post it notes and share them with others.  They had to write at least on positive one for themselves, one for a classmate, and one for someone who works at the school.

To watch the day unfold is hard to describe.  It’s a very powerful moment to walk by classroom doors of classrooms and see the doors covered in sticky notes.  Or to see kids creating mum-like things out of the notes they were receiving.

It was one of those days on campus that I was so thrilled to watch.  One of those days where all that was RIGHT was celebrate and recognized.

How hard was it to do?  Not at all.  How much an impact did it make?  Immeasurable.

So now I challenge YOU!  Find time to get with your campus (or even your own classroom) and do your own #PositivePostItDay!  You’ll definitely smile big.

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