Let the Light In

I love music. A good song can speak straight to my heart in words I couldn’t seem to piece together on my own.

Recently I heard the song “Let the Light In” by Francesca Battistelli (video below). But so many of the lyrics hit me. Specifically the chorus.

“This is a song to remind me
We’ve all got some broken we’re hiding
None of us are ok
We all fall, we all break
This is a song to remind me
To let the light in”

We all have our own battles, struggles, and failures. And when we’re in the middle of a pandemic, social unrest, political craziness, and so much is unknown, it can add to our feeling like darkness is more prevalent than light.

I remember once hearing the phrase, “the broken places are we we begin to allow the light inside.” And even though in the moment it feels like we can’t even get out of bed, much less trust that things are working out the way they’re meant to, I have found it true time and time again that leaning into the pain helps me heal.

This song from Francesca also addresses the falsehoods of social media. How easily we scroll through and compare ourselves and wonder why things can’t be that way for us.

During these times we all need to be honest, vulnerable, and reach out.

This year is unlike anything any of us have been through.

“Broken hearts are a beautiful kaleidoscope”.

Today you may feel broken. But don’t allow that pain to consume you. We have to reach out and lean on those around us more than ever before.

“All together, all alone
Feeling homesick in our homes
You take a step, I’ll take one too
I’ll reach for you”


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