2021 Holiday Gift Guide

So this year I decided to do something a little different!

I’ve created my ultimate holiday gift guide filled with some of my favorite things I’ve purchased this year for me, my kids, my wife, or other friends and family! 

In full transparency some links do provide me with financial compensation.

Some links give you deals and I’ve listed any codes you can use for additional discounts!

1. These Owala stainless steel travel bottles are a GAME-CHANGER!!! They keep drinks hot/cold forever it feels, they have a straw that pops out so it’s not always sticking out to get germs on it, AND the flip lid LOCKS so you can put it in your backpack and it won’t spill. They also come in 6 color combos. Get yours here.

2.  We love photos. This portable Canon Ivy photo printer prints out photos from our phone via Bluetooth! And they’re sticky so we can put them on anything! Get yours here.

3. If you have, or know anyone who has babies, these Mombella Mushrooms are a must. Our boys are obsessed with them. Get yours here.

4. Ok, we bought Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater because everyone who has kids says this is a miracle worker. And you know what? It IS!! BUT I’m annoyed that it’s advertised just for kids (as I need it too haha). This will get out ANY stain!!! Get yours here.

5. My wife did TONS of research before we had kids on the best of the best. She found these Copper Pearl burp cloths and bibs and they’re by far our favorite we own. They’re super soft and thick too! We literally own over 40. Yeah we’re that addicted. Check them out here.

6. Of course I have to tell you about my wife’s earrings. PLUS right now for her Black Friday Sale, she is having her biggest sale EVER! If you use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout, you get 60% off EVERYTHING!! She has studs, leather, cork, smaller sizes, and so much more! Shop here.

7. This is one of those TMI gifts but I don’t care. Every other country in the world uses bidets. But in the USA we’re still using tons of toilet paper. I finally broke down and bought a Tushy Bidet and it has been life-changing. Seriously. This is in my top 3 favorite things I bought this year. Shop here.

8. I saw these on an IG ad and thought I’d check it out. These are coffee mugs by Fellow. Let’s just say my wife is now their biggest fan. They have a special lip so it makes coffee drinking easier, they seal tightly so you can throw it in your bag, and I haven’t found anything else that keeps coffee as warm for as long as these do! Lots of color options too! Shop here.

9. A good book is always a good gift. I HIGHLY recommend getting Tanner Olson’s new book Walk A Little Slower. I find myself diving into this book literally every day. Get yours here.

10. Ever have that problem of your coffee getting cold before you’ve even had a chance to finish it? Yeah, me too. Ember is here to save the day. I first balked at the price of these, but when I got one as a gift I realized it’s worth EVERY CENT! Get yours here.

11. I love having a scent in my car, but I’m really bad about keeping up with it. That’s when I found Drift. They have a cool wood one, stone one, or the one I have (and pictured) is the one that slides on your air vents. It’s super inexpensive, and best part is they send me a new scent every month! Heck yes! Check it out here.

12.  I love a good bath and I am very particular about my bath bombs. I found these from Old Whaling Company that a local store here sells and I am OBSESSED. Every scent is amazing. Check them out here.

13. I was in search of a great surge protector that also had USB that didn’t take up a ton of space AND fit in with our decor. We found this one and love it! Check it out here.

14. We’re all about getting read of germs. We are addicted to our personal phone soap machines, but then they came out with the Home Soap for larger items and it’s a game changer!! One of my wife’s favorite items! Check it out here.

15. I travel. A lot. And for years I have had dongles, cords, and plugs alllllll over my bag. Until I found this bag. And it changed my life. So many great spots for ALL my cords! Get yours here.

16. We are working so hard to create a super cool smart home. Even things as simple as voice control for turning on our Christmas tree or TV. These plugs have been AMAZING and work with Alexa and Google Home! Check them out here.

17. Stuffed animals are the best. And there is no company that makes more durable and cute ones than Bellzi. We literally have like 20. They make them in mini (the perfect size for our little ones), regular, and Jumbo (which are AWESOME!). Check them out here.

18. I found these heat changing mugs and fell in love with them. They make a great gift! Get yours here.

19. We all want clean teeth right? This was highly recommended by my dentist, and actually really enjoy using it. and I HATE flossing so the waterpik has helped me floss more too!! Get yours here.

20. I saved one of my favorites for last. Like I said, I travel a lot and have never found a back pack I loved until this one. It was an investment, that’s for sure. But OMG it’s perfection. And high quality! Check them out here.

So there you go! 20 of my favorite gift ideas! Hope you enjoy!

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