She’d Say

The holiday season has always been a mixed bag of emotions for me. But ever since losing my mother 5 years ago, it’s take on another layer. Then when we had the boys, my perspective changed again.

Lately I’ve found myself wondering more than not, what my mom would have been like with my boys. What she would have told them. how she would have played with them. Where all she would have taken then. What she would have taught them. The laughs, the Astros games, the arts and crafts, the cuddles, and so on and so on.

I was reminded this week of a song I’ve listened to many times with the boys. It’s by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Andy Grammer. It’s called “She’d Say” and he wrote it for his daughters of what his mom (who also has passed) might say to his children…

“You never got to meet your grandma did ya?
Every night, I got you kissing on her picture
Cuts me up that you will never listen
To the sweet, sweet sound of her voice
I could tell you she was quite the mixture
Of a mama and a shaman and a fiery pistol
Truth is, she’s right there in you
She’s a part of you, you don’t have a choice
My dear, you will feel her
In your mind, you will hear her
And if she could use words, use words

She’d say “You’re beautiful, but don’t you overplay that card”
She’d say “You’re spiritual, so don’t ever forget that part”
She’d say “You are so much stronger than you even think you are
Let your heart, let your heart lead the way”
That’s what she’d say”

I love those lyrics so much. Those are exactly the words I can hear my momma saying to my boys.

I share this with you today in hopes that you are reminded that you’re beautiful.
That you’re spiritual.
That you are stronger than you think you are.

Because in this season of life it is so easy to forget and not all of us have someone speaking that into our lives.

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