Am I Good Enough?

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself wondering if I am enough.

Am I working hard enough?
Do I care about things that matter enough?
Do I pray enough?
Am I a good enough friend, husband, father?
Do I take enough time for me?

I recently heard this song by singer-songwriter Sarah Reeves and the chorus really hit me…

“Somewhere deep inside your soul
Still that child you used to know
Might be wounded, you’re not broke
Listen, listen close

Who told you you were hard to love?
Who told you you weren’t good enough?
Who broke your heart and made you believe
That you won’t be anything without ’em?

Who stole all of your happiness?
Who almost pushed you off the edge?
Don’t need their arms to make you complete,
don’t take a genius to see
That you are, baby, you are more than enough”

If you find yourself today feeling “enough”, I want to encourage you that you aren’t just enough…you are more than enough.

We too often let the opinions and rude remarks of others begin to define us.

Instead today I’m choosing to remind myself that I can use the pain to rise above. I can use the struggle to remind me of the work I AM putting in. I can focus on what I have to celebrate, even if it’s just getting out of bed.

Because like you, I am more than enough.

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