#YouMatter Day 2014

Yesterday we celebrated our annual #YouMatter Day!

It’s a day I came up with to celebrate those around us and recognize staff and family at Fields Store Elementary for the contributions they make and to remind them that they’re noticed. 
The first thing we did was watch Angela Maiers message that she did for Tedx. It was very inspiring and definitely got things off on the right foot. 
After we watched the 20 minute video we talked about how important it is to let people know that you value them. 
Each student was asked to select two school employees and one personal family member or friend. They had to write a letter to the three individuals. I made special #YouMatter pages for the kids to write on. 
After the students finished their letters the took the letters to the employees and hand delivered them with the message “I wanted to write you a letter to let you know that you matter to me”. They were then tasked with delivering their “personal” letter within 24 hours. 
Another thing that we did was create a #YouMatter wall. Each student was tasked with writing at least one statement on the wall recognizing someone on campus. But they were not allowed to sign their names. I wanted it to be completely annonymous praise. It was great to see the kids comments. I also encouraged the staff to take time to write on the wall too. 
I absolutely love #YouMatter day and giving students the opportunity to recognize others and let them know they’re noticed. I also know that many teachers spend this day in tears because they easily forget how valuable they are. Far too often we don’t take enough opportunities to praise others for their hard work. 
To all the educators and parents reading this I say thank you and that you matter to me. Together we make this work but the contribution you make is invaluable. Please know you’re valued and you have great worth. 
How will you make sure someone knows they matter?

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