Embrace the Uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable. We all hate it. But it’s so necessary for us to grow.

Exactly a year ago I sent out my weekly email and got a little personal. I shared how I was attending a conference (Get Your Teach/Lead On in Vegas) and how to NO fault of anyone else, I struggled. I wrote about how I let my own insecurities rob me of being able to enjoy my time.

In fact, one of the best parts of GYTO is being surrounded by so many positive and encouraging people.

After sharing that email, and working through my insecurities with my therapist, I made it a goal this year for GYTO Vegas to be different. I wasn’t going to hide in my room. I wasn’t going to allow myself to feel “unworthy”. I wasn’t going to let the devil rob me of my joy.

Little did I know how game changing this weekend would be.

First let me start here….you see, I also came into this weekend with a lot of emotions. A few weeks ago after much prayer, I met with Hope and Wade King to let them know I would be stepping down from my roles with GYTO and Lead On after Atlanta Regionals this upcoming February. I knew I need to spend 2024 reorganizing a few of my priorities and spend more time pouring into family and some new passions. I LOVE GYTO and the work I’ve been able do (with this amazing team) to make Lead On what it is today.

Lead On started as a 1.5 hour breakout with about 50 attendees years ago and now had over 1,000 leaders this past summer.

It’s wild. That’s why this choice was so hard. Lead On is my baby and creating it with Adam Dovico was a dream come true. Hope and Wade have something so special with GYTO. Hope is always someone with a vision! When she shared with me her vision for Lead On, I knew now was the perfect time for me to take some time away because I was leaving it all in such capable and ready hands. I knew Lead On would continue to become something even better!

I also know this isn’t goodbye to GYTO forever. It’s just for this season that I decided to take a step back. I LOVE the GYTO team. Amelia, LaNesha, Chris, Chase, Sarah, Jana, Abby, Hope, Wade, and soooo many more are doing such important and incredible work for education. I can’t wait to cheer loudly from the sidelines for a time! I mean come on, have you seen this summer’s National Conference line up!?!?!?

But I already was walking into Vegas Regionals with some emotions knowing this conference would be my last “big” conference with GYTO for a while. Atlanta is coming but it’s much smaller and only the core GYTO Leadership Team are presenting. So that meant this would also be the last time I’d be in the same place with many of these incredible presenters and magic squad for a while.

But you know what the past year taught me? Embrace the uncomfortable. 

So I did and man did my people around me blow my mind.

I refused to sit in my room. I refused to allow myself for even a second to not feel worthy. I celebrated those around me and focused on being as present as possible. I went out to dinner each night. I interacted all day long.

What I wasn’t expecting was my whole Lead On presenter team to take me out to a surprise dinner where they each took time to tell me how much my leadership and friendship meant to them. I was uncomfortable, I was in tears, and my cup was filled to overflowing. It definitely is one of my top 5 emotional moments of my life.

It was my reminder of just how important it is to pour into those around you and never let them forget how much they mean to you.

So why do I share all of this with you?

Because maybe you’ve allowed your insecurities to steal your joy.
Maybe you haven’t been feeling like you belong.
Maybe you’ve forgotten who you are.

Step out. Get uncomfortable. Reach out to those around you. Take initiative to send out the invite first. Make the call or text first. And look in that mirror each morning and remind yourself that you’re freaking incredible.

Embrace the uncomfortable. It could make all the difference.

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