Administrators Deserve…

This post may look familiar. Why? The previous post I shared about how teachers deserve to have administrators who fight for them. But you know what? Administrators deserve the same thing.

Now give me a minute to explain. I know right away some will jump on here and talk about how administrators need to earn that respect or so on and so on.

But the biggest lesson I learned from being an admin is that those who aren’t in that position have no idea the weight that comes with it. The decisions that must be kept private. The stories that must be held alone. The weight of the many pressures coming from all sides.

Maybe it’s a superintendent making you tell your staff things you don’t agree with.
Maybe it’s a school board telling you raise your scores or you lose your job.
Maybe it’s a 5 hour CPS call. Maybe it’s the third parent today who’s come in to tell you what a terrible person you are.
Maybe it’s a teacher who just did something illegal and it’s about to make the news with the administrators name on it.
Maybe it’s the out of control student the entire office staff had to spend 5 hours every day trying to keep from destroying the school.
Maybe it’s the administrator who lost a family member but is too afraid to ask for a shoulder to cry on because they don’t want you to see them as weak.

The weight of what a teacher must handle is tremendous. But so is the weight of an administrator.

Maybe your administrator isn’t half the leader you want them to be, but when was the last time you encouraged them? Because maybe that encouragement was all they needed. When did you tell them thank you? Or how much they’re appreciated? A little kindness can go a long way even with a difficult person don’t be the one who talks behind their back. Don’t be the one who spreads gossip. Instead be love, understanding, kindness.

And yes, it’s true. Some administrators will never get better. And that’s when it’s time to find someone new to work alongside of.

No one is perfect. But the job of a school administrator is unlike any other. And it’s the loneliest job in education. Administrators deserve to have teachers who will fight for them too.

#TellYourStory #WeAllDeserveIt

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