The Enemy of Comparison

I think we’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves comparing ourselves to someone else.

Must Reads (October 2020)

Each month I want to share with you a few new books that you could consider adding to your library or sharing with others.


I think we all face those moments that don’t just feel like they break us, but instead leave us shattered on the floor

20 MORE Songs for Your Classroom/School

Last month I wrote a blog post about 20 songs I love using at my school or in my classroom. It was such a hit that I’ve gotten multiple requests to release new playlists each month!

Must Reads (September 2020)

I love books. I believe they can heal a soul, give us an outlet, help us see from new perspectives. Often times, in the many tasks of an educator, we struggle with finding new books. Some even say they “don’t have time to read”. I’d…